New higher current range Rodeostat potentiostat

New higher current range Rodeostat potentiostat

We have added a new higher current range potentiostat to the electrochemistry product line! The new Rodeostat HC is very similar to the Rodeostat Open Potentiostat, except the measurable current ranges are ± 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000 μA.

Rodeostat HC
The Rodeostat HC is a higher current range version of the Rodeostat open source potentiostat. It is designed to work with the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express Board. The main difference between the Rodesotat vs. Rodeostat HC is the higher current measurement ranges: Rodeostat current measurement rang…

Community request for a higher current measurement option

The Rodeostat can be used to measure up to 1000 μA, which we have been learning can be limiting for some applications. We have had a few requests from users that need to measure in the mA range. For example, the user below was struggling with the 1 mA limit on the Rodeostat for high-range metal measurements:

"I would like to know if there's a Rodeostat with a larger current range. Most of the solutions I use have concentrations of metals such as iron and copper in the g/L range, others such cobalt or arsenic in the ppm range. I'm struggling with the current when doing CV tests because I quickly reach the 1000 μA limit. So, is there another version with larger current range .. I would love to be able to run a couple of milliamps"

Another Rodeostat user needed a higher range for measurements of solar cells:

"I've seen on the forum that it is possible to extend the current range by swapping out R8, what resistor do you estimate I have to replace it with to get a 5 mA range?"

To increase the Rodeostat capability beyond ± 1mA  required a small hardware change. We changed the feedback resistors used in the feedback loop of the transimpedance amplifier so that the current ranges are now ± 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000 μA.

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Rodeostat HC

The Rodeostat HC is a higher current range version of the Rodeostat open source potentiostat. The Rodeostat HC includes a 3D-printed enclosure, pre-programmed ItsyBitsy M4 Express, micro-USB cable, set of 3 alligator clip cables and a 50K dummy cell.

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