New video tutorials & user guides for the Open Colorimeter

New instructional videos and user guides for the Open Colorimeter. Link to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This week we made three short instructional videos for using the Open Colorimeter to measure nitrate, nitrite and ammonia in water. If you have time you can check out the videos below! We are hoping that people will find resources like these video tutorials useful and to make video tutorials a priority in 2023. We have uploaded the videos on our YouTube channel. We will be adding more content there soon so we hope to see you over there. The link to subscribe is below. Do you have ideas/suggestions for video tutorials featuring the Rodeostat or Open Colorimeter instruments?  You can share a comment at the end of the Newsletter or on the YouTube page!

Open Colorimeter User Guides

We have also added three new user guides to the Open Colorimeter Documentation this week. These cover upgrading/installing the firmware, CircuitPython and the bootloader. We also have started an Assembly Guide which so far has step-by-step instructions for installing a lithium battery.

The Open Colorimeter is shipped fully-assembled, programmed, with a battery & ready to use. However, we are adding the assembly and programming guides for users that want to modify the unit, learn how it is made/works, or make their own from the open source design files. All 3 of these user guides can be useful for science educators as well. More to come!

Installing/upgrading the firmware
In this set of notes we describe how to upgrade or reinstall the firmware on your Open Colorimeter. These instructions can be used whever there is a new firmware release that has new features that you would like to use. There are three steps: * Step One: Download and unzip the
Installing/upgrading CircuitPython and the bootloader
As new versions of CircuitPython come out you may want/need to upgrade the version of CircuitPython (or bootloader) running on your Open Colorimeter’s PyBadge. These notes describe how this can be done. Prior to upgrading the bootloader or version of CircuitPython make sure to copy any files you do…
Assembly guides
The Open Colorimeter is shipped fully-assembled and ready to use. However, we will be adding assembly guides to this page for users that want to learn how it is made, modify the unit, make their own from the open source design files or as a classroom teaching guide. The BOM