Open Hardware survey, OSHWA certification & upcoming changes to the online store

In this Newsletter: Open hardware survey, OSHWA certification & upcoming price changes

We have a few short notes for this weeks Newsletter! We know that readers of this newsletter are a diverse group of people from around the World, sharing in the goal of making science open and accessible for all. We are interested in learning more about you and how you use Open Hardware tools in your work and projects. We have put together a brief 10-question survey which we are asking you to fill out. If we get enough responses we will share the results in an upcoming Newsletter. Thank you in advance!

Open Colorimeter is Open Hardware certified

This week we are excited to share that the Open Colorimeter joins the Rodoestat as a certified Open Hardware project! Thanks as always to OSHWA for their work.

OSHWA Certification
Certification provides an easy and straightforward way for producers to indicate that their products meet a well-defined standard for open-source compliance.

Pricing changes in 2023

Finally, we anticipate that we will be increasing our prices in January. We will continue to make every effort to keep our costs down so our products are affordable. Head to our Online Store to purchase a Rodeostat or Open Colorimeter before January to take advantage of our current prices.

Next week will be our last Newsletter of the year and we will have a tutorial on using our new Open Colorimeter calibration web app which was made using Streamlit!