Rodeostat ItsyBitsy M4 Express available for order now!

We are excited to launch our new Rodeostat M4 version! The new design uses the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express microcontroller board instead of the Teensy 3.2 board (which is currently unavailable). The new design offers the same functionality and is available at our online store now! You can order a Rodeostat with ItsyBitsy M4 Express using this link below.

Rodeostat: open source potentiostat
The Rodeostat is an open source potentiostat for performing electrochemical measurements. It is designed to work with either the Teensy 3.2 development board or the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express Board. It is a very flexible instrument with multiple output voltage and current measurement ranges. Cur…

New Rodeostat M4 Design

We previously wrote about the new Rodeostat M4 design, and the reason we are adding the ItsyBitsy M4 development boards in this post:

New Rodeostat MX design
New Rodeostat MX design & Open Colorimeter updates.

This week we have been busy testing the new board and modifying the firmware to work with the new microcontroller.

Images of new board design

Close up of Rodeostat M4 PCB with ItsyBitsy M4 
Rodeostat M4 PCB with ItsyBitsy M4 
Rodeostat PCB with ItsyBitsy M4 (not mounted)
Close-up of Rodeostat M4 ItsyBitsy headers
Rodeostat M4 PCB

Open Hardware design files

potentiostat/hardware/pcbs/itsy_bitsy_mx_shield_v0p1 at master · iorodeo/potentiostat
Rodeostat design files, software and firmware. Contribute to iorodeo/potentiostat development by creating an account on GitHub.
We will be describing the new design and changes to the firmware in more detail in next weeks Newsletter so stay tuned!