GOSH presentation video and slides

This week we gave a 20-minute presentation to the GOSH Community. We covered a few different topics outlined in the agenda below. It was particularly fun to revisit our journey over the last 13 years, from mostly consulting on custom open hardware instrumentation to shipping open hardware products around the world. We also really enjoyed meeting GOSH community members and the great conversation afterwards around open hardware business models and the important role of marketing!


  • Introduction, background & mission
  • IO Rodeo journey over the last 13 years
  • Product highlight: Rodestat potentiostat
  • Documentation & tutorials
  • Into: How & why our community uses open hardware in education and research
  • Survey result: 75% R&D applications and 25% educational applications
  • Case study from education: University of Iowa
  • Case study from research: Diamond Light Source, UK
  • Literature review
  • Closing

You can check out the video and slides below!

Copy of slides


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