Open Colorimeter Cuvettes

Open Colorimeter Cuvettes

The Open Colorimeter products ship with a small pack of cuvettes to get you started using the instrument. The type of cuvette included depends on the instrument:

The cuvette holder inner dimension is 12.65 mm x 12.65 mm. You can use any 10mm pathlength cuvette of choice as long as the outer dimensions are no greater than 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm.

Minimum Fill Volumes

For all of the Open Colorimeter versions, the cuvette window height measured from the base to the cuvette window center is 15 mm. Minimum fill volumes ensure that there is a sufficient volume of sample in the cuvette for accurate measurements i.e. that light will be pass through the sample being investigated. Minimum fill volume is dependent of the type of cuvette being used. Below are fill volumes for the cuvettes we ship with our instruments.

  • BrandTech Macro Cuvette: 1.5 mL
  • BrandTech Semi-Micro Cuvette: 0.65 mL
  • BrandTech Ultramicro UV Cuvettes, 15 mm center height: 0.4 mL

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