Open Colorimeter CircuitPython Firmware

Open Colorimeter CircuitPython Firmware

The Open Colorimeter ships ready-to-use and pre-programmed with firmware, so you do not need to be a programmer to use it!

The firmware for the Open Colorimeter is programmed using CircuitPython which is a version of the Python programming language designed to run on microcontrollers. CircuitPython is very easy to use and allows for extremely rapid firmware development. The Open Colorimeter firmware is open source and free to use and download from our GitHub repository.

We have several different firmware versions depending which variant you are using. Firmware is hosted on the IO Rodeo GitHub site. We have included links to the different firmware versions below.

Open Colorimeter Firmware

UV Open Colorimeter Firmware

Splash screen for the UV Open Colorimeter

Multichannel Open Colorimeter Firmware

In Development

Open Colorimeter Product Guide

Documentation site for the Open Colorimeter, Multi-Channel Colorimeter, UV Open Colorimeter & Open Colorimeter Plus

Product Guide Home Page