OpenFlexure Microscope Kit: Parts List

OpenFlexure Microscope Kit: Parts List

This page lists all of the parts in our OpenFlexure Microscope kit. This kit is used to build either the Low-Cost version or High-Resolution version of the OpenFlexure v7 Microscope. Parts in this kit are sourced using the official OpenFlexure Bill of Materials as a guide.

OpenFlexure Kit: 3D Printed Parts

Kit Checklist

We have added a checklist for the kit which can be downloaded below. Before moving onto the microscope assembly steps, we recommend printing out the checklist. The images on this page can also be used to familiarize yourself with all of the parts before starting assembly.

Additional Raspberry Pi requirements

For both versions of the OpenFlexure microscope, you will also need a Raspberry Pi. As described in the Online Documentation, the microscope software supports Versions 3B, 3B+, and 4B. You can provide your own Raspberry Pi with power supply or you can purchase a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and power supply from our online store.

High-Resolution Optics Components

To build the High-Resolution version, you will also need to two additional optical components: 12.7mm achromatic doublet lens and microscope objective. You can supply your own optics for this part or purchase these from our online store. Currently we have the 12.7mm achromatic lens and 40X objective options available.

Box 1: 3D Printed Parts

There are a total of 30 individual 3D-printed parts in this kit. All of these parts are in the large blue box labelled "3D-printed parts". Below are images of these parts to help with identification. We have shown the orange microscope parts, but there are several color versions available. For all kits, the optics parts are printed in black and the tools are printed in grey. Use the checklist above to confirm you have all of these parts in your kit.

Box 2: Hardware, Stepper Motors & Condenser Lens 

These parts are all packaged in the clear box labelled "Box B: Hardware". There are a total of 11 separate hardware bags, a 2.5mm ball-end allen key, 3 x stepper motors and a condenser lens. Use the checklist above to confirm you have all of these parts in your kit.

Box 3: Electronics Components

These components are in the white box labelled "Electronics". Use the checklist above to confirm you have all of these parts in your kit.
Raspberry Pi Camera Board v2 - 8 Megapixels - with 20 cm long Flex Ribbon Cable and lens removal tool
Sangaboard v5