Update on OpenFlexure Microscope Kits

Sharing documentation links for the upcoming OpenFlexure Microscope Kits.

Update on OpenFlexure Microscope Kits

In our last Newsletter post we shared a Spotlight feature on the OpenFlexure Microscopes. Over the last month we have continued developing a commercial OpenFlexure microscope kit in collaboration wit the OpenFlexure team and Open Science Shop. We are anticipating we will have a small batch of kits available in mid-May. The purpose of this post is to share some documentation we are building for the upcoming kits.

OpenFlexure Kit Contents

This page linked below covers what will be included in the OpenFlexure microscope kits.

OpenFlexure Microscope Kit: Parts List
This page lists all of the parts in our OpenFlexure Microscope kit. This kit is used to build either the Low-Cost version or High-Resolution version of the OpenFlexure v7 Microscope. Parts in this kit are sourced using the official OpenFlexure Bill of Materials as a guide. Kit Checklist We have

Kit Assembly

We have been busy testing the kits and have documented some of the assembly steps in the page below. This page is not totally finished as we still have some more assembly photos to add in the next few weeks so keep an eye on updates as we get closer to the May product release date.

OpenFlexure Microscope Kit: Build Instructions
Once you are ready to start building your OpenFlexure Microscope kit, you will follow the official OpenFlexure Microscope build instructions. For both the Low-Cost and High-Resilution microscopes, skip steps 1 and 2 and start assembly at Step 3: “Prepare the Main Body”. Images of most of the assembly steps are

Product Guide

We have also published a site for sharing all of the OpenFlexure kit documentation. This will include links to product pages and any additional documentation will be added here.

OpenFlexure Microscope Kit Product Guide
This is the documentation site for the OpenFlexure Microscope Kit. The OpenFlexure microscope is an open hardware, 3D-printed, lab-grade automated microscope. To learn more about the OpenFlexure Microscope project, visit the project website: https://openflexure.org/. Intro and Background Spotlight: Building an OpenFlexure MicroscopeSpotlight on the OpenFlexure project as well

Purchasing an OpenFlexure kit

We will have a limited number of kits available in May with more available after this small run. If you would be interested in purchasing an OpenFlexure Microscope kit, please let us know by filling out this short form linked below and we will keep you posted on when kits are available.