Open Colorimeter Product Line Overview

Open Colorimeter Product Line Overview

There are several versions of the Open Colorimeter available. The main differences between them are the light sensor used and it's positioning with respect to the LED light source. The LED light source is also highly customizable. We have a wide-selection of LED wavelengths in the UV, visible and IR spectrum. All of the Open Colorimeter variants use the PyBadge with CircuitPython firmware. Each version of the Open Colorimeter has it's own associated firmware. All versions use the same 3D printed enclosure. The Open Colorimeter Plus (in development) uses a different cuvette holder design for mounting two light sensors. An overview of each device highlighting differences and applications is below.

Open Colorimeter

Multichannel Open Colorimeter

UV Open Colorimeter

Open Colorimeter Plus (in development)

  • Light Sensors: Dual TSL2591 for measuring absorbance or scattering or fluorescence
  • Sensor Overview: Light measurements with a right-angled light sensor.
  • Example Application: Turbidity & fluorescence measurements e.g. DNA quantification assays

Open Colorimeter Product Guide

Documentation site for the Open Colorimeter, Multi-Channel Colorimeter, UV Open Colorimeter & Open Colorimeter Plus

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